Travel with Impact, leave with satisfaction

Sustainable tourism is trendy these days and it begins with people like you and me.
The general perception of today is that tourism has a negative impact on the planet as well as leading to exploitation of the countries we visit. Though this is partly true, there is more to it. We believe that one can also create a positive impact through tourism.

We work with a concept that we call “travel with impact”, meaning that by making conscious travel choices you can generate a positive impact for local businesses and residents. 100 percent of our profits are donated to Township Roots, a non-profit organization working with children living in the townships, giving them access to education, learning materials and social activities and making the school experience fun.

This means that when you travel with Influence Tours you will be the one providing books, pens and papers for these children. When choosing restaurants, vineyards, hotels, national parks, transportation and guides, we always choose responsible companies with a higher purpose. They are all, in one way or another, sharing our values to better the life of the residents, respecting the nature and working to create a sustainable chain. Not only is travelling with impact important for the country, but also for the traveler making the conscious choice. It is fulfilling to help another person and to know at the end of your vacation you have not only been on the receiving end but you have also given something back. Your have made a difference.

Travel with impact!


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