Time for some South African-egotripping?

The latest trend is all about treating yourself and yourself only. The traveling industry is now acknowledging the solo travellers and their rising statistics. People have become more keen on travelling by themselves without a travel companion. And did you know that Cape Town is one of the best cities to visit as a solo traveller according to SkyScanner?

Wanderlust, soul searching and quality of life – yes, we’ve heard it before, we want it, we crave it, but how do we actually achieve these things?

A recent survey by SkyScanner showed that 7 out of 10 Swedish people have travelled alone at some point. The survey also showed that the majority of people who have not been away solo, expressed a very positive outlook on eventually doing so. This comes to show that people want something more out of their trips than what they did before, and it could actually have something to do with wanderlust, soul searching and quality of life – they call it; egotripping.

In today’s society we are very aware of our surroundings and our expectations grows higher and higher. We crave for more and better solutions regarding most things in life, and especially when it comes to our vacations. The perks of traveling on your own can mean that you absorb so much more of your trip abroad. It gives you more time to reflect which in turn makes you appreciate your trip more than if you were occupied with a travel companion – sounds harsh but hey, it makes sense.

You are also put in situations where you experience things you wouldn’t get to experience otherwise. And along the way you are bound to meet some people and possibly make some new friends. Sounds like soul searching to us!

But travelling alone also requires a lot of research, which is the main reason to why people are sceptical of leaving solo. But guess what?! The perks of traveling with Influence Tours is that we’ve done that job for you. Research no more! We are true experts in finding our way in South Africa and we are all for future egotrippers. By customizing your trip into the finest detail, you can now go on your South African adventure all alone and not have to worry about anything.
We can say that it’s cheating a bit, but schh… we don’t kiss and tell.


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Photo credit: Lloyd Koppel