We offer guided group tours but can also help you put together an unforgettable holiday experience for you and your travel company. All our destinations, hotels and restaurants are carefully selected and handpicked by us to ensure they boast high standards, excellent service, and the sustainability commitments that we consistently aim to offer our clients.

You will also receive an authentic experience of South Africa which goes beyond what most other tour operators offer.

This is why we also offer all our clients the opportunity to visit our partner charity organisation, Township Roots. This is a life-changing experience that will leave you with special memories of your time in South Africa, and a better understanding of what you have contributed towards by travelling with Influence Tours.

You can read more about our charity work here.


Down below you will find a few examples of tours that we have previously put together for clients. Here you find everything from safari experiences to breathtaking nature views and everything in between. If you also need help putting together a tailored travel experience for you and your friends and family we are happy to help!

Are you a Travel Agent looking for an inbound partner we are more than happy to assist you as well.