Meet our new Tour Guide

Bulelani Futshane is an inspiring and passionate young man. He is also the founder of Township Roots, the charity organisation that Influence Tours donate all their profits to. Bulelani recently received his Tour Guide License which was funded by Influence Tours. Bulelani is now a registered guide in Western Cape and oversees all township tours that Influence Tours offer their clients.

Bulelani Futshane was born and raised in a township just outside Cape Town and therefore he knows what the township children are going through, what challenges they meet on a daily basis and how to inspire them to do good in life and to look at the future with hope. The fact that Bulelani was born and raised in a township also makes him the perfect person to show people around and to tell the story of the township people. Apartheid created severe poverty and inequality in South Africa and this still remains a reality for many people today. What better person to tell about the history and daily struggle in a township than someone who grew up in the middle of it?

Bulelani has already had the opportunity to guide several clients for Influence Tours, which of one was a famous blogger from Sweden (read more about that here: ) and everyone agrees that his passion for making an impact for the children in the townships shine through in everything he does.

–  As a Tour Guide I have the power to influence and change people’s perspective on township communities; I get to share my experiences of growing up in Cape Flats townships.  This platform also gives me an opportunity to access potential donors for Township Roots as I engage with people of affluent background with a desire to help improve life in impoverished communities. I’m grateful to Influence Tours for the opportunity to serve my community and international visitors, says Bulelani Futshane, Certified Tour Guide and co-founder of Township Roots.


Photo cred: Nina Campioni