10 reasons to why Johannesburg is worth a visit

Johannesburg is struggling with a bad reputation and we believe the city does not get the credit it deserves. In order to inspire and make sure you do not miss out on this great city, we have put together a list for you. Here are our 10 reasons as to why Johannesburg is worth a visit!


  1. Johannesburg was recently awarded ”top city 2015” by the travel guide book Rough Guide.
  1. By population, Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa (4,4 million inhabitants).
  1. The city lies close to Pretoria, South Africa’s administrative capital where you can visit beautiful historic buildings and interesting sights such as Freedom Park and Monument Voortrekker.
  1. Johannesburg Botanical Garden; is one of the most photographed places in Johannesburg because of its astonishing beauty.
  1. The Gold Reef City is built around a real gold mine. Here you can enjoy thrilling rides and a tour of the underground mine! Johannesburg is often called Egoli, which means Place of Gold.
  1. Museums! At Origins Center you will get an insight into the origins of mankind and at The Apartheid Museum you will learn about the important history of South Africa.
  1. Shopping of course! Not only are there plenty of different malls, you can also find quaint boutiques as well as local crafts and items at one of the cities many markets.
  1. Johannesburg has the best weather in the world! It’s warm but not to hot, the air is never humid and it cools down at night so you don´t need to be disturbed by the buzzing of the air conditioner when you go to sleep.
  1. Johannesburg does not only have a great reputation for its welcoming and friendly people. There are also a range of great restaurants and cafés with local food and world class fine dining.
  1. Here you can visit the Mandela house in Soweto. Mandela describes in his book A Long Walk to Freedom that he knew he had really left prison when he returned to the house together with his wife (”the place marked with an X in my mental geography”). Soweto is South Africa’s biggest township where much of the struggle against apartheid unfolded.

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Photo credit: @myslowjourney