A South African travel experience with positive impact

Travel with Impact

Why not combine one of the most exciting travel experiences of your life with an act of goodness, for children living in the townships.
-Jan Nytomt, founder of Influence Tours

What is unique with our Tours?

Small Groups
enables access to exclusive establishments

Tailored Tours
Whether you represent a travel agent or are travelling on your own, we will tailor a fantastic vacation experience based on your needs

Food and Wine Experience
South Africas best and most award-winning restaurants

100% of all profits goes to charity

Cape Town Tours

Influence Tours offer tailored tours across South Africa – one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

We differ from other tour operators in that our main goal is to provide long-term funding for local initiatives that support a better future for children living in the townships of South Africa.

With this being said, we donate all our profits to charity and aim to make an impact; to make a difference – through tourism.

You can rest assured that all hotels, restaurants and vineyards are carefully hand-picked by our experts to exceed your expectations and blow your mind!

We cater for both the individual traveller but also travel agencies or other companies looking for an unforgettable vacation experience based on your needs. Either way, you will have an authentic and rewarding experience that leaves a positive legacy in South Africa.


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